Two Down
Matthew Butler Hart & Tori Butler Hart

Mark Pitt

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Lifetime Achievement Award
Uwe Boll

Narrative Films:

Best Narrative Feature Film
      Two Down
Matthew Butler Hart & Tori Butler Hart

Best Narrative Short Film
      Early Release
Miguel Guerreiro

Narrative Feature & Short Films:

Best Comedy Film
Christopher Livingston, Josh Goldstein, & Barry Katz

Best Horror Film
Nostradamus Experiment
Paul Grizak & Sarah Salhi

Best Dramatic Film
      What a New Year!
Mila Avgust, Tatiana Efimova, & Alexey Snigir

Best Romance Film
      Living Legends
Niki Iliev, Ian Ianev, & Boiko Iliev

Best Thriller Film
      Two Down
Matthew Butler Hart & Tori Butler Hart

Best Suspense/Mystery Film
      Subject 7
Leeroy C. Farrare

Best Crime Film
      Early Release
Miguel Guerreiro

Best Sci-Fi Film
Manuel Camacho

Best Sports Film
The Devil Goes Down
Nicky Julius, Tracy Boone, SarahAnn, Charlie Sherron, & Vanessa Weiss

Best Silent Film
Junk Girl
Mohammad Zare

Film Sub-Genres:

Best LGBTQ Film
Jessica Cameron & Mem Ferda

Best Family Film
      What a New Year!
Mila Avgust, Tatiana Efimova, & Alexey Snigir

Best Experimental Film
      The Magician
Andrew Rubin

Best Based-on-True-Life Film
      Los Niños Sicarios
Rob Lambert


Best Feature Screenplay
Writing the End
Massimiliano Mauceri

Best Series Pilot Screenplay
Lottery of Life
Marina Eve

Best Short Screenplay
The Fog of War
Madi Stine

Screenplay Genres:

Best Comedy Screenplay
John Spare

Best Dramatic Screenplay
Ally May

Best Thriller Screenplay
The Last Sunset
Denny Barnes

Best Crime Screenplay
Iron Border
Larry Thomas

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
Andrew Zeko & Kris Sundberg


Best Documentary
South Texas Gentle Men of Steel - Los Padres
Armando Ibanez


Best Trailer
Sebastian: The Slumberland O
Fede Ponce


Best Actor's Reel
Jason K Wixom's Reel

Student Film::

Best Student Film
First Love
Nicolas Raganato

Music Videos:

Best Music Video
Lake Ego
Jon Russel Cring

Film Professionals:

Best Director
      What a New Year!
Mila Avgust

Best Cinematographer
      Among Us
Vinny Sisson

Best Actor
William C. McCallum

Best Actress
Marta Villa

Best Editing
Loose Ends
Danielle Billeaux

Best Score
      Living Legends
Borislav-Borche Boyadjiev

Best Supporting Actress
Ina-Alice Kopp

Best Romantic Interest
      The Juliana Incident
Elizabeth Poncio

Best Action Sequence
      Two Down
Matthew Butler Hart & Tori Butler Hart

Best Effects
      Rivers of Eden
Carlos Daniel Flores

Best Art Design
Gerald Huss

Best Animation
On Flying Water
Dominique Monfery

Best Twist
Good Riddance
Caroline Gauthier. Adam Bernett, Brad Hamelin, & Adrian Saldanha

Kudos for Films:

Kudos for Zombie Horror
Project Alpha
Aaron Stongoni

Kudos for Camera Work
Ayan Pratap

Kudos for Humor
The Look
Yvonne LaBarge, Kristina Kaiser, & Mikel J. Wisler

Kudos for Satire
The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man
Josh Hope, Tommy Beardmore, Christopher Hong, & Mikki Raphael Rosenberg

Kudos for Thriller
Thin Blue Line
Larry Rosen & Andrew Hsu

Kudos for Dramatic
Jes and Lora
Kristen Pickrell, Brynna Yentz, & Patrick Coleman Duncan

Kudos for Premise
Stephen Sherwood

Kudos for Uplifting Film
Sangria Lift
Melanie Star Scot & David Topp

Kudos for Cinematography
Mr. Lockjaw
Byron Conrad Erwin, Mela Rayne, & Shannon Reis

Kudos for Lead Actress
Maya Arwen

Kudos for Humor
Jun Kuang, Alice Lee, & Roman Xing

Kudos for Dramatic
Mi Casa, Su Casa
Sara Verhagen

Kudos for Psychological Thriller
Kim Sønderholm

Kudos for Monologue
Stuck in the Middle
Kris Swinnen

Kudos for the Based on True-Life Story
Jane and the House of Miracles
Brendan Kelly

Kudos for Screenplays:

Kudos for Great Premise
Tracey Maye

Kudos for Great Premise
Gone Fishing
Steven Canfield Crowley

Kudos for Humor
No Headache Tonight
Audrey Noone

Kudos for Dramatic
Alexey Snigir

Kudos for Characters
Katherine King

Kudos for Great Action
Find Ray T
Kyle Michel Sullivan

Kudos for Highschool Drama
Joe Osborne

Kudos for Drama
Last Call
Monica Moehring & Tim Moehring

Kudos for Post-Apocalyptic World
The Void Divine
Corey Snowden

Kudos for Humor
Sorry I didn't mean to Kill You
Chris J Simpson

Kudos for Great Premise
Stat Dad
Charles Laulette

Kudos for Humor
Lookin' Up
Marvin Kaplan

Kudos for Drama
Of a Certain Age
Tom Waters

Kudos for Sci-Fi
Mari Walker